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xVideoServiceThief is a software for Windows, Mac & Linux which allow us to download videos from various websites.There are many software which are very similar to xVideoServiceThief software but unlike other softwares, xVideoServiceThief allow us to download multiple videos from various sites at once.We can also convert the downloaded videos using xVideoServiceThief software.You can convert the videos of various formats like such as AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP, and, of course, MP3.The User Interface of xVideoServiceThief is very simple as compared to other software.Unlike other software, xVideoServiceThief is completely free of cost.You can useful features of xVideoServiceThief software for Windows, Mac & Linux below.

xVST For Windows

Windows Logo Download xVideoServiceThief for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and older version for Microsoft Windows by clicking on below Download links.

xVST for Mac

Apple Logo You can download xVideoServiceThief for Mac Operating system by clicking on below download links.xVST requires Operating system version of atleast OS X 10.6 or newer.

xVST for Android

You can download xVideoServiceThief for Android Operating system by clicking on below download links.It will allow us to download videos on your Android Phones and Tablets.
Download from Various Sites

Download Videos from various sites like YouTube, Metacafe, etc...

Convert Downloaded videos

You can convert the videos after downloading them using xVST.

Simultaneous Downloads

You can download multiple videos at once.

Schedule Downloads

You can schedule your videos so that your Computer can download it while you're not using it.

Pause and Resume Downloads

You can Pause, Resume and Cancel your downloads.

Search Videos

You can find your favorite videos by searching it on xVST.After finding, You can play or download it.

Core Based on Plugins

Extend your copy of xVideoServiceThief with your own JavaScript plugins.

HTTP & RTMP Support

You can download almost any video from Internet via HTTP and RTMP protocols.

Children Protection

You can block the adult sites and protect your child.


xVideoServiceThief is currently supports more than 14 Languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can know the answers of question which are frequently asked by peoples below.

What is xVideoServiceThief?

xVideoServiceThief is a software for Windows, Mac & Linux which allow us to download videos from various services like YouTube, Dailymotion etc.There are many softwares which are very similar to xVST but its unique features makes it very different from other softwares.You can download videos in various formats like MP4, AVI, WAV etc.You can also convert the downloaded videos using Convert Videos feature of xVST.It is develped by XESC & Technology.The xVideoServiceThief software is currently supprts more than 14 languages.Unlike other softwares, You can allow or block sites to protect your child from harmful sites.


Which websites are supported by xVST?

xVST currently supports more than 93 websites.These sites include Music Sites, Adult Sites and other sites.The xVST is increasing the number of supported websites very fast so we can expect more sites to be added in future.The list of support sites of xVideoServiceThief is given below.

Support Sites
123video, 5min, Aniboom, Atom, ATV, Bebo, Blip, Boing Boing, Break, Caught On Tape, Ceknito, CinemaVIP, Clip4e, Clipfish, ClipJunkie, CollageHumor, Dailymotion, Demoscene, Disclose.tv, Dumpalink, EJB, elRellano, Freecaster, Game Anyone, GameSpot, GameTrailers, Glumbert, GodOfHumor, Google Video, Kontraband, LiveLeak, LiveVideo, Metacafe, MySpace
Video MySpace. MySpass, MyVideo, OneHumor, PP2G TV, Pugorama, Scientific Blogging, Shred or Die, Spike, StreetFire, Szinhaz.tv, angle, Totally Crap, Totally Up Yours, TV2, TV3 a la Carta, UStream, VBox7, Video.ca, Videolog (UOL), Vimeo, Wat.tv, Yahoo Video, Yikers, YourFileHost, YouTube, TubeIslam, ZappInternet, Zedge. Zuuble, GoEar, YehPlay


is xVST available for Android & iPhone ?

No, xVideoServiceThief is currently not supported by Android and iPhone.But we can see the xVST releasing for Android and iPhone in future.Currently, We cannot Download xVideoServiceThief APK for Android Phones and Tablets.


What are xVideoServiceThief Plugins ?

xVideoServiceThief have added the plugin support in latest version.Now can extend the xVST with Plugins like YouTube Plugin.


Can we download multiple videos at once ?

Yes, We can download more than two videos at once using the feature called Simultaneous downloads.You can save lot of time while using this feature.


Can we Pause, Resume or Cancel our downloads ?

Yes, In latest version of xVST, We can Pause, Resume or Cancel our downloads.Sometimes we need to perform tasks so we can Pause, Resume or Cancel our downloads according to our usage.

xVideoServiceThief Download

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